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Start earning big Money with industry-leading Service  Fees, additional support, and security features


Instant payouts

Earn instantly and with flexibility. You choose when you want to work.

Take command.

Pick up nearby passengers or select a spot to drive in.

Boost your earning potential

With Prime's industry-leading low Services Fees and other perks, you can keep more of the fare.

Safety first

Use our in-app safety features and our committed 24/7 support team.

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Prime Fuel
Car Service and Maintenance
Fuel discounts
Prime Cover
Prime Tyres
Insurance Discounts
Tyre Purchase Discounts

Free Access to daily, weekly and monthly premoums (Bonuses)  to the most dedicated drivers with cheaper service fees and additional benefits. Only available in selected cities.

Prime Premiums

Do you want to drive with Prime?

With Prime's industry-leading low Services Fees and other perks, you can keep more of the fare.

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How do I sign up?

The first thing you will need to do is download the Prime app. Once installed, you can register your information, which includes your name, email address, phone number. Prime supports Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Mobile Money. It is a nice, convenient way to take care of payments. You will also have to allow Prime to know your location. This is required because the app pinpoints your location and suggests the pickup spot for where you currently stand.

What are Prime's hours of operation?

Prime drivers work around the clock. Any time of the day or night, you can request a ride. Some times of the day are slower than others, and it might take your driver longer to get to you, but you can always request a ride, no matter what time it is

Can I schedule a ride in advance?

You can. If you know you're going to the airport at 5 o'clock in the morning and want to make sure someone is available to pick you up, you can schedule a ride in advance. Follow the same steps to requesting a ride. But you have to press the ride later button.